February 9, 2019

Zonamaco Part 1

There were so many incredible galleries and artists at this year's Zonamaco in Mexico City, in this post l highlight the galleries & their booths
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Zonamaco Galleries

There were so many incredible galleries and artists at this year's Zonamaco in Mexico City, I couldn't fit my highlights into just one post, so I made two! 

In post one (this one) - I'll highlight my favorite booths 

In post two (here) - I'll explore the artists I discovered and some of the most bizarre and interesting things I saw 

Entrance to the fair

Not only is Zonamaco one of my favorite art fairs, but Mexico City is one of my favorite places to visit, SO coming back this year was a no-brainer. 

The fair has been running since 2003 and hosts over 70 galleries from all over the world, and trust me, as a frequenter of Art Fairs such as Art Basel Miami, Frieze New York, The Armory Show and many more, they bring the best of the best.

Now for my favorite booths of the fair...starting with Mexico City gallery, Parque Galeria.

Parque Galeria - Mexico City

Parque Galeria had such a colorful booth with a mixture of sculpture and paintings.

Machete Galería - Mexico City

I had the privilege of visiting Machete's space in Mexico City, so I wasn't surprised at all at their booth. Their paintings on tile were absolutely breathtaking by artist, Abraham Gonzalez Pacheco. They also had a piece from their current exhibition on view until from artist Artemio, which I will 100% be writing a post about because I'm obsessed with these miniatures. The two bright colored pieces (below) are from artist Sol Pipkin.

Machete's Booth
Sol Pipkin
Abraham Gonzalaz Pacheco

The Hole - New York

The Hole Gallery, never fails to have an interesting booth, or bring mascot Bertie, The Pomeranian.

I can only guess the works they brought by Caroline Larsen, Morgan Blair, Eric Shaw, Adam Parker Smith and Matthew Stone went over well with this audience due to their bright colors, vibrant details and textures.

Caroline Larsen on the right and left, Morgan Blair in the center
Matthew Stone in the back and Adam Parker Smith in the front
Morgan Blair

Library Street Collective - Detroit

Library Street Collective is one of my favorite galleries. They have such an incredible roster of contemporary artists such as Sam Friedman, Josh Sperling (who just had an amazing show at Perrotin) and Beverly Fishman. For their booth they featured artists Sam Friedman, Kelsey Brooks, and Jason Revok.

Sam Friedman, Kelsey Brooks, Jason Revok
Jason Revok painting on left, Sam Friedman painting on right

Galeria Vermelho - São Paulo

This gallery from São Paulo (another favorite place of mine) brought big, bold and graphic works by artists Iván Argote and Marcelo Cidade.

Iván Argote
Marcelo Cidade

Cardi Gallery - London/Milan

Cardi brought the complete opposite of The Hole's booth with bright colors, and opted instead for secondary market sculptures made from a variety of materials by artists Jannis Kounellis and Pier Paolo Calzolari.

Pier Paolo Calzolari
Jannis Kounellis
Always love a good Fair selfie

OMR - Mexico City

Another Mexico City gallery I had the joy of visiting on this trip. After posting a few previews on Instagram I instantly starting receiving messages from friends about how their gallery space was absolutely, jaw-dropping beautiful.

Their booth was no exception, with this standout arrangement below... featuring a work by James Turrell with a work by Ryan Brown laying casually next to it. The combination brings such a refreshing perspective on the Turrell. Below is an equally exciting work by artist Gabriel Rico.

Gabriel Rico

Proyectos Monclova - Mexico City

Neighboring gallery (literally in Mexico City, and at the fair, their booth's were next to each other, we have another top Mexico City Gallery, Proyectos Monclova. I'm obsessed with the graphic works by Eduardo Terrazas, Adrien Missika, and Michael Sailstorfer.

Eduardo Terrazas
Adrien Massika
Michael Sailstorfer

Marian Ibrahim Gallery - Seattle

Marian Ibrahim brought a shocking pop of color, which was a lovely contrast to haunting works by Maïmouna Guerresi and Mwangi Hutter.

Sculpture by Maïmouna Guerresi and paintings by Mwangi Hutter

Kurimanzutto - NYC/Mexico City

I'm not really sure which I loved more. The inside or the outside of Kurimanzuttos' booth.

Kurimanzutto's booth

My absolute favorite other than the pink work by Abraham Cruzvillagas (above) was this work by Wilhelm Sasnal. Think it'll fit in my suitcase? 

Wilhelm Sasnal
dr. lakra

Feld + Haus - Frankfurt

I'm not going to lie, I was a little surprised to see such a fun, colorful, modern booth from a German gallery. But Feld + Haus really brought their A-Game with works from Martin Feldbaur and Reinhard Voigt.

Reinhard Voigt on the left and Martin Feldbauer in the center

Le Laboratoire - Mexico City

Can't stop, won't stop with the Mexico City galleries, they're just so great. This one is also conveniently located close to my Airbnb, so I will be paying them a visit. Below is their booth and my favorite work was by Mexico City native, Roberto Turnbull.

Roberto Turnbull

Pace Gallery - NYC/Hong Kong/Palo Alto/London/Seoul

It's always great to see familiar faces at international fairs, so I was keen to see what Pace brought...and as it turns out all of my favorites! Their booth was full of works by Song Dong, Louise Nevelson, Jean Dubuffet, and last but not least James Siena.

Everyone getting exciting about works by Jean Dubuffet

James has a really great exhibition on view until February 9th at one of Pace's Chelsea locations, so it was exciting to see two works by him in such vibrant colors.

James Siena

So. Much. Art. 

After about 3 hours of perusing the fair I felt exactly like one of Ryan Brown's dogs (above). 

If you want to read more about my favorite artists I discovered at the fair as well as just the craziest, eye-catching exhibits, check out part 2.

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