Mary Lynn Buchanan

Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions about me

Q: Where are you based? 

A: I’m based in New York City, but I visit London frequently as well as Mexico City, Los Angeles, and Paris, so you’ll see lots of coverage from those cities as well. 

Q: How long have you been doing this? (posting art online)

A: I’ve been posting consistently art (gallery exhibitions, art fairs, museum shows, ect.) for a little over three years. 

Q: Is this my full-time job? 

A: I treat it like a full-time job in the sense that I am focused on constantly posting the best of what I see in the art world and viewing as much art as possible, but that being said my full-time job is working in tech as a product manager. 

Q: What are some of your favorite artists, galleries, museums or art fairs? 

A: I have lots of favorites! You can read through them all in the ‘lists’ section of my blog. 

Q: Do you go to an art gallery every day? 

A: I wish! I go to galleries about 2 times a week and about 5-6 art fairs per year. I visit museums whenever there’s a great show on, when I’m traveling or if it’s the off-season.  

Q: What’s the difference between your blog and Instagram? 

A: My Instagram was how it all started. I try to keep my posts super informative and concise. My blog serves as a place for me to share all of the photos from the amazing shows I see in much greater detail. It also lets me share resources, such as my lists with you all in a format that’s easier to consume. 

Want to know more? I try to do frequent Q&As over on my Instagram so please follow me if you’d like to ask any questions not covered here!

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