January 20, 2020

Untitled SF

The cool, younger sister of Fog Design+Art Fair...the one you want to party with. The best from emerging artists, at Pier 35 in San Francisco.
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Untitled is a damn good art fair. Plain and simple. I found new works from some of my favorite artists (like David Leggett) as well as new artists and galleries, so I can't complain. Take my $40.

A refreshing surprise at Untitled SF was the presence of the tech community (which I guess shouldn't have been surprising since we were in their backyard), but it was great to see an old friend of mine, Facebook.

Weaving by Kira Dominguez Hultgren
Work by Kira Dominguez Hultgren

They had their own booth featuring an artist (Kira Dominguez Hultgren) that's a part of their FB Air program (Facebook Artist in Residency Program), as well as a create-your-own-screenprint station put on by their analog lab.

My Creation

While that's all fine and dandy...here's what we really came for.

The Most Interesting Booths go to...

Fort Gansevoort - LA + NYC

Fort Gansevoort brought works by Zoë Buckman and Christopher Myers.

Zoë Buckman on left and Christopher Myers on right
Zoë Buckman
Zoë Buckman
Zoë Buckman
Christopher Myers
Christopher Myers

BEERS London

BEERS had a booth of exclusively colorful Andy Dixon paintings.

Andy Dixon
Andy Dixon
Andy Dixon

Charlie James Gallery - LA

Finding a new gallery is kind of like finding a diamond on the beach with a metal detector. It rarely happens, but when it does, it's so rewarding. Enter Charlie James Gallery from Los Angeles. I already know they're a dope gallery based on the artist they brought, Lucia Hierro (aka bad bitch).

Lucia Hierro
Lucia Hierro
Lucia Hierro

Zipper Galeria - São Paulo

São Paulo is one of the best cities for art + design, so it's no shocker their booth was awesome, with works by Janaina Mello Landini.

Janaina Mello Landini
Janaina Mello Landini

Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery - Luxembourg

Another gallery I'd never heard of (jokes on me!), Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery from Luxembourg. They immedietly caught my eye with works by artists David Leggett and Summer Wheat.

David Leggett
Summer Wheat
Louis Granet

CULT Aimee Friberg Exhibitions - San Francisco

CULT exhibitions brought a nice bubble gum pink booth to compliment the works of Masako Miki.

Masako Miki
Masako Miki

Freight + Volume - NYC

A local LES gallery I frequent. I was particularly drawn to David Kramer's paintings.

Freight + Volume's booth
David Kramer

Winston Wachter Fine Art - Seattle

It's not the easiest thing to make ceramics really cool, but Claire Partington did.

Claire Partington
Claire Partington
Claire Partington

Over the Influence - Los Angeles

Every time I see them at a fair I mentally applaud them for their clever name. The works by Todd James were pretty cool too.

Most Interesting Individual Art Pieces (so not the booth as a whole) 

Julie Heffernan
Tirtzah Bassel at For-Site Foundation's booth
Tirtzah Bassel at For-Site Foundation's booth
Katinka Lampe at Elizabeth Houston Gallery's booth
Nir Hod
Joan Brown Estate at Anglim Glibert Gallery
Chris Jones at Marc Straus Gallery's booth
Chris Jones at Marc Straus Gallery's booth

And that's it...until next year.

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