August 10, 2020

Paola Pivi at Galerie Perrotin

Hard topics like global warming are easier to synthesize when they're personified through fluffy, playful polar bears, living their best lives, chewing on a Jimmy Choo
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About the Exhibit - We Are the Baby Gang

Paola Pivi’s exhibit, ‘We are the baby gang,’ was on view at Perrotin’s LES, New York location from April 25th to June 8th, 2019. 

Paola Pivi at Galerie Perrotin

I’d previously seen Pivi’s famous feather bears at The Bass Museum in Miami during the 2018 Art Basel, so I was very pleased to be reunited with these happy creatures. 

Paola Pivi at Galerie Perrotin
“People act differently around this art, it affords them a freedom that they often left behind as children.” - Justine Ludwig
Paola Pivi at Galerie Perrotin

However, while her art is indeed tactical, whimsical, and free, it often represents far more serious topics such as misrepresentation in media and global warming.

Paola Pivi at Galerie Perrotin
“Pivi seems to have kept explicit environmentalism out of her work, but it is hard to look at these creatures and not feel shades of desperation for the animals’ rapidly disappearing habitat. Even with the artist’s most colorful and exuberant pieces, there are shadows implying sinister depths.” - Vogue (source
Paola Pivi at Galerie Perrotin
Paola Pivi at Galerie Perrotin
“Seventy baby polar bears frolic, play, fight, nap, and explore the top floor of Perrotin New York. Instead of fur, the bears have sprouted florescent feathers. The polar ice caps are melting. In order to survive a changing climate, they have needed to adapt. They occupy a space between fantasy and reality—frozen in their stances, yet with the impression that they could spring to life at any moment.” (source
Paola Pivi at Galerie Perrotin

Also, I don’t know how I’ve never seen this before...but Perrotin has shared some stats on their website about the exhibit. 

28 people attended the opening.

8723 people attended the exhibition.

The exhibition was open for 31 days.

Daily average of 281 visitors per day including opening, 263 per day excluding opening.


Paola Pivi at Galerie Perrotin

About the Artist - Paola Pivi 

Paola Pivi was born in Milan, Italy and now lives and works in Anchorage, Alaska (explains the bears and her direct passion/concern for global warming).

Paola Pivi at Galerie Perrotin
“Pivi’s work often has this kind of direct, sensory appeal” - Vogue (source
Paola Pivi at Galerie Perrotin
“Animals are cast as protagonists in Pivi’s world. She draws upon their perceived characteristics and instills them with human mannerisms.” (source)
Paola Pivi at Galerie Perrotin

Click on the links to see her website and Instagram.

Paola Pivi at Galerie Perrotin

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