July 31, 2020

(Nothing but) Flowers at Karma Gallery

During these difficult times, we need beauty and comfort more than ever…some might even say, flowers
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About the Exhibit - (Nothing but) Flowers

(Nothing but) Flowers is Karma Gallery’s summer show, on view July 30—September 13, 2020, and is not your average group show. Karma goes above and beyond, gathering over 50 artists, who represent some of the most impressive emerging artists of our time.

Opening night of (Nothing but) Flowers

Seriously, if you don’t know anything about art just pick one artist from this exhibition and they’re a star. 

“The artists selected for this exhibition comprise a large swath of friends, collaborators and heroes whose critical work has provided ongoing inspiration” (source
1st from left Alex Katz, 2nd from left - Lisa Yuskavage, 3rd from left - Jane Freilicher, 4th from left - Helen Marden
Left - Sanya Kantarovsky, Right - Joe Brainard
Left - James Harrison, Middle - Ida Ekblad, Right - Elaine Sturtevant, Far Right - Dike Blair

The exhibit centers around one theme - flowers. 

“In this difficult period of pause, many of us have turned toward cultural experiences to find shared comfort, community, and growth. Symbols and traditions are reconsidered and reinvigorated by the context of our troubled times. And there is perhaps no symbol more enduringly vivacious, beautifully somber, and universally beloved than the ubiquitous, sublime flower.” (source
Left - Nell Blaine, Middle - Matthew Wong, Right - Matt Connors
Matt Connors
Left work - Ernst Yohji Jaeger, Center work - Marina Adams

"The flower persists throughout art history...yet most essentially for the present day, the tending and gifting of flowers is steeped in cultural practice. As balms of solace and support during times of remembrance and growth, blooms connote the sharing of emotion, and are given in sympathy, love, joy, or appreciation." (source)  

Left - Hilary Pecis, Middle - Joe Brainard, Right - Richard Pettibone
Hilary Pecis

“(Nothing but) Flowers seeks to illuminate the capacity of the humble botanical motif to capture sorrow, stimulate rehabilitation, and guide us through periods of mourning, celebration, and rebirth.” (source)  

Left - Karen Kilimnik, Right - Jeanette Mundt
Mark Grotjahn
Lisa Yuskavage
Henni Alftan

Artists in the show 

Albert York

Alex Katz

Amy Sillman

and Lisa Yuskavage

Andrew Cranston

Ann Craven

Calvin Marcus

Cecily Brown

Charles Burchfield

Dike Blair

Ed Baynard

Elaine Sturtevant

Elizabeth Peyton

Ernst Yohji Jaeger

Gertrude Abercrombie

Helen Marden

Henni Alftan

Hilary Pecis

Honor Titus

Ida Ekblad

James Harrison

Jane Freilicher

Jeanette Mundt

Jennifer Packer

Joe Brainard

Jonas Wood

Karen Kilimnik

Lois Dodd

Lubaina Himid

Manoucher Yektai

Marina Adams

Mark Grotjahn

Marley Freeman

Matt Connors

Matthew Wong

Matvey Levenstein

Max Jansons

Minnie Evans

Nell Blaine

Nicolas Party

Nicole Eisenman

Peter Doig

Reggie Burrows Hodges

Richard Pettibone

Samuel Hindolo

Sanou Oumar

Sanya Kantarovsky

Shannon Cartier Lucy

Somaya Critchlow

Soumya Netrabile

Stanley Whitney

Stephanie Crawford

Susan Jane Walp



Vern Blosum

Verne Dawson

Woody De Othello

Zenzaburo Kojima

Left - Ann Craven, Right - Stephanie Crawford
Reggie Burrows Hodges

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