February 11, 2019


Material. The other art fair that takes place during Zonamaco in Mexico City. But it's not just a satellite fair, and stands solidly on it's own with 73 exhibitors from 22 countries and 37 cities
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Don't Call it a Satellite Fair

Material. An art fair that takes place during Zonamaco in Mexico City. But it's not just a satellite fair, and stands solidly on its own. While not every booth is a 'home run' I found some definite gems and had a great time in the process. According to their site, this year they had

73 Exhibitors

22 Countries

37 Cities

They also have one of the best websites I've seen in a long time, including well thought-out details such as the gallery's Instagram handles, which becomes really important when looking up パン (🍞)'s artist.

Located at the Frontón México, the fair is three stories (on metal scaffolding), two showing off the core of the fair, with the third sporting a reading section and special projects.

It's already one of the most interesting fair venues I've been to, and I really appreciated the communal tables they set up for people to gather and work out (charging outlets readily available as well). ... but now onto the art.

Hideki Yukawa - Japan

The first booth I was immediately drawn to was that of パン (🍞, aka (Brett Wiliam Schult's gallery..who also happens to be one of the owners of Material Fair). They featured solo works by Japanese pop artist, Hideki Yukawa, who genius-ly mixed famous gallery names with corporate logos (see below).

Apolonia Sokol - France

Another gallery I was introduced to was The Pill, from Istanbul, who brought works by Apolonia Sokol.

Julian Charrière - Berlin

Berlin gallery Dittrich and Schlechtriem brought back fond memories of the lava lamp with works by Julian Charrière.

Héctor Zamora - Mexico City

Labor Gallery brought works from a variety of their artists, including Héctor Zamora's pots and photographs, which I had the pleasure of getting to see in their gallery space.

Héctor Zamora (photo and sculpture) 

Ebecho Muslimova - New York

Galerie Maria Bernheim from Zurich brought some very fun works from artist Ebecho Muslimova. Thankfully when I posted them on Instagram no one reported me.

Walkway to each level...

Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba - Mexico City

Neri Barranco gallery from Mexico City brought these fascinating sculptures by Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba. As one of my friends wisely pointed out they reflect very well my mental state on a Monday and Friday.

Me on a Monday
Me on a Friday

Aneta Grzeszykowsa - Poland

I was super excited to see these works by Aneta Grzeszykowsa at Lyles & King's booth since it was one of their only shows I missed last year. What she's wearing in these photographs are different 'beauty masks' that women are given post plastic surgery.

Cosima zu Knyphausen - Berlin

I love learning about a new artist - and Cosima zu Knyphausen was that for me when I saw her works at Stadium's booth. Light, playful and interesting...always with the theme of books, so what's not to love? 

Last but not least... Chez Mohamed's booth

Genius. To say the least. A vending machine where you can buy the gallery's art. Did people actually do it? By the out-of-stock signs in the machine... yes.

The Reading Section

Such an amazing fair! I'd also recommend you'd purchase a tote bag if you have the chance to visit - they're so well designed and were the perfect addition to my growing collection.

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