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One of the largest museums in the southwest, christened by the iconic lampost sculpture by artist Chris Burden, LACMA has an impressive rotation of works by Robert Irwin, Richard Serra and more.
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The LACMA - aka, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is, according to Wikipedia “an art museum located on Wilshire Boulevard in the Miracle Mile vicinity of Los Angeles”

Chris Burden

Even if you don’t know anything about the LACMA you probably know about the famous lamp post sculpture by Chris Burden that lives outside of it. 


Like most museums, they had a few temporary exhibitions at the time as well, ongoing exhibitions, as well as their permanent collection.

Barbara Kruger elevator

Their director is Michael Govan, who was also was director of the Dia Art Foundation in New York City.

Rauschenberg: The 1/4 Mile

When I visited LACMA during Frieze LA in 2019, I had the privilege of viewing the most sizable (and therefore extraordinary) works from Robert Rauschenberg.

Robert Rauschenberg at LACMA
"Created over 17 years, the work is composed of 190 panels that, combined, measure approximately a quarter mile in length."
Robert Rauschenberg at LACMA
Robert Rauschenberg at LACMA
"An eclectic array of materials comprise the piece: textiles, mass media images, and photographs by the artist intermingle with bold passages of paint, while everyday objects such as chairs, cardboard boxes, and traffic lights add sculptural depth."
Robert Rauschenberg at LACMA
Robert Rauschenberg at LACMA
Robert Rauschenberg at LACMA
"Rauschenberg incorporated materials and photographs from the U.S., Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Northern Africa, including audio of ambient street sounds recorded during his travels."
Robert Rauschenberg at LACMA
Robert Rauschenberg at LACMA

Outside of the rotating exhibits, like the one above, there are a variety of ongoing exhibits, which are detailed below.

Robert Irwin's Miracle Mile

Robert Irwin's work titled 'Miracle Mile' responds to "responds to both Wilshire Boulevard (the storied thoroughfare it faces) and Primal Palm Garden (an outdoor installation created by Irwin in 2008)." 

Robert Irwin - Miracle Mile
"A linear configuration composed of 66 fluorescent tubes, the work stretches to a length of approximately 36 feet and can be experienced both from within and beyond the gallery walls."
Robert Irwin - Miracle Mile

Richard Serra - Band

Richard Serra's magnum opus at 12 feet high and more than 70 feet long.

Richard Serra at LACMA

Chris Burden's - Metropolis II

Metropolis II, is a sculpture based on the concept of the modern city.

Chris Burden at the LACMA
"Steel beams form an eclectic grid interwoven with an elaborate system of 18 roadways, including one six lane freeway, and HO scale train tracks. Miniature cars speed through the city at 240 scale miles per hour; every hour, the equivalent of approximately 100,000 cars circulate through the dense network of buildings."
Chris Burden at the LACMA
"The noise, the continuous flow of the trains, and the speeding toy cars produce in the viewer the stress of living in a dynamic, active and bustling 21st century city." - Chris Burden
Chris Burden at the LACMA

While LACMA is currently closed (like most museums and galleries across the country) - you can browse exhibitions and their collection on their website here.

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