September 3, 2020

Junque at Massimo De Carlo

Jamian Juliano-Villani curates an exhibit of fellow 'eccentric' artists to bring forth the question in the viewers mind - Junque? or a treasure?
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About the Exhibit 

It’s almost a year to the day that artist Jamian Juliano-Villani had her own solo exhibition at Massimo de Carlo.

In the window is a work by Jamian Juliano-Villani

This year Jamian Juliano-Villani added another accolade to her achievements, curator. On September 1st, Junque, a group exhibit at Massimo de Carlo opened to the public (until September 30th, 2020). The exhibit revolves around the concept of ‘Junque’ and that its value is in the eye of the beholder. 

Sculpture in the front - Luigi Serafini

“Junque: items portrayed as or imagined to be more valuable than they are, such as old objects treated as antiques, junk bonds promoted as safe investments, etc. Junk is viewed differently, clutter, decorative or cumbersome.”  - Jamian Juliano-Villani (source

Painting - Mathieu Malouf, Sculpture - Willie Cole
Picture - John Waters, Sculpture - Anthea Hamilton
Ashley Bickerton

"Junk also is the slang term for penis. This show contains all elements of Junque. Ranging from the iconic John Waters's ‘Reconstructed Lassie’ to the fantastical sculptures of Luigi Serafini, the show spans several decades of unnecessary but poignant levels of stuff that not only take up space, but could be a good investment if you have the right eye." - Jamian Juliano-Villani (source

left General Idea, right Borna Sammak
Sculpture - Hugh Hayden, painting Ashley Bickerton
Painting/Sculpture - Sven Sachsalber, Sculpture - Charles Harlan
work on left - Calvin Marcus, work on right - Mario Ayala
Mario Ayala

In the basement....

work in back - BOBO, Sculpture in front - Luigi Serafini
Sculpture in front Luigi Serafini, Sculpture on wall - Maurizio Cattelan
Maurizio Cattelan

Artist in the Exhibit

Mario Ayala

Ashley Bickerton


Maurizio Cattelan

Willie Cole

General Idea

Anthea Hamilton

Charles Harlan

Hugh Hayden

Luis Jiménez

Jamian Juliano-Villani

Calvin Marcus

Mathieu Malouf

Juan Antonio Olivares


Borna Sammak

Sven Sachsalber

Luigi Serafini

John Waters

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