October 21, 2020

Giulia Andreani at Galerie Max Hetzler

Giulia Andreani, re-imagines exquisite women throughout history, recognizing them as they should have been in history in portraits that convey their contributions to a better future for women
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About the Exhibit - Pigs & Old Lace

Giulia Andreani’s exhibit, Pigs & Old Lace, is currently on view at Galerie Max Hetzler, London, from 24 September – 31 October 2020. 

Giulia Andreani
“Andreani repurposes personal memorabilia and archival photographs to address forgotten histories, often through a feminist lens.” - Galerie Max Hetzler (source
Giulia Andreani
Giulia Andreani
"The exhibit features pioneering women such as African-American sculptor Augusta Savage, Italian author Elsa Morante, and early birth control activist Marie Stopes amongst others." (source)
Giulia Andreani
Giulia Andreani
There are also references of “symbols of Europe and pigs in their different guises referencing both patriarchal systems and the French equivalent of the #metoo movement, ‘Balance ton Porc’ or ‘Denounce your Pig’.” (source)
Giulia Andreani

While Andrea paints portraits of these women ‘creating’ peacefully, the paintings represent a greater “struggle for acceptance within a predominantly male world.” (source)

Giulia Andreani
Giulia Andreani
“Giulia Andreani is an archaeologist of historical images. She tracks down written records and images of women that  are absent from our shared history, using her painting to create a space for deconstructing and expanding a version of history that is both incomplete and biased.” – Julie Crenn (source)  
Giulia Andreani

Visiting The Gallery

To see a walkthrough of the gallery exhibit, skip ahead to 15:38 in the video below.

About the Artist -  Giulia Andreani 

Giulia Andreani is an Italian artist who lives and works in Paris. Andreani graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice in 2008 and received her master's degree in contemporary art from Paris IV-Sorbonne University in 2010.

Giulia Andreani
“Throughout her practice, Andreani draws historical parallels, conflating time periods, which allows us to extract prescient stories of a battle not yet won. The artist addresses notions of historical amnesia and unearths buried narratives, specific and universal, as a form of resistance.” - Galerie Max Hetzler (source)

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