December 20, 2020

Gerasimos Floratos at Pilar Corrias

Gerasimos Floratos exhibit, Nodes, at Pilar Corrias represent the nodes between internal and external, outside and inside, the city and the individual...
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About the Exhibit - Nodes

Gerasimos Floratos exhibit, Nodes, is on view at Pilar Corrias in London from December 2nd - January 16th, 2021. The exhibit features eleven paintings and five works on paper and represents the contrast between what happens outside of a person and inside of their mind.

Gerasimos Floratos

More specifically, what happens to an individual surrounded by bustling city life, how they become almost meditative, taking in the stimulation from around them. 

Gerasimos Floratos
Gerasimos Floratos
“Floratos is showing us headspace – literally and metaphorically.” - Pilar Corrias (source

This makes perfect sense given Florato’s daily routine in a small studio in New York City. He quite literally receives the stimulation from the busiest part of NYC - Times Square, processes it, and infuses this into his works. 

Gerasimos Floratos
“Gerasimos Floratos lives and works near Times Square, in the diverse and vibrant neighbourhood of Hell’s Kitchen. His Greek-American parents run a Deli there; the artist has set up his studio downstairs, connected to the outside world only by basement windows through which he can just perceive the feet of passers-by and bustle of the city.” - Almine Rech Gallery (source
Gerasimos Floratos
Gerasimos Floratos
“As both an internal production tool and observation point of the outside, the studio has become the matrix of his work, which oscillates between the private and the public, between isolation and togetherness.” - Almine Rech Gallery (source
Gerasimos Floratos

Gerasimos Floratos works with thick oil paint, applying it alongside oil sticks and sometimes his own hands, thickly to the canvas. 

Gerasimos Floratos
“Making mistakes is closer to innovation than repetition. It’s quick, economic.” - Gerasimos Floratos (source
Gerasimos Floratos
“For me, I think that imperfection is so much more telling about a mood.” - Gerasimos Floratos (source
Gerasimos Floratos

Exhibition Walkthrough

To see a walkthrough of the exhibit, skip ahead to 19:58 in the video below.

About the Artist - Gerasimos Floratos

Gerasimos Floratos is an artist that lives and works in New York. Floratos has an impressive career considering he went a less traditional path than mosts artists by not going to school. So how did he do it? 

Gerasimos Floratos
“I talked a lot about getting involved in communities. I knew if I wanted to show my work I had to be a part of the conversation organically. And once you do that, all those other people – galleries, curators, collectors, museums – they just want to document you. They won’t tell you how to paint. They’re documentarians. You have to show them your vision.” - Gerasimos Floratos (source
Gerasimos Floratos

Gerasimos Floratos got into the art scene by simply meeting with artists, sending out emails, and making friends along the way. 

Gerasimos Floratos

In parallel with his show at Pilar Corrias, Floratos also has an exhibit at Almine Rech Gallery in Paris.

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