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Felix (a privately own fair) decided they’d had enough of white tent art fairs and would rather throw a huge house party...or in this case hotel party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.
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The Art Fair that came to party

Everybody loves something new and different, so I’m not sure what the art world did to deserve not one, but TWO brand new art fairs in Los Angeles this year, but I’m happy about it.

Frieze expanded their portfolio of Art Fairs to include an LA edition, while Felix (a privately own fair) decided they’d had enough of white tent fairs all together and would rather throw a huge house party...or in this case hotel party.

Felix was founded by collector Dean Valentine along and brothers Al Morán and Mills Morán, and was inspired by the 1990s when fairs weren’t hundreds of galleries but more intimate gatherings in hotels (like the Chateau Marmont).

Their first edition included an A-list of the coolest-of-cool galleries. But don’t expect to see huge Blue Chip galleries on this list.

The overall vibe was very different for exhibitors and visitors compared to most fairs, starting with the admission price: FREE. With Frieze selling tickets at $1500 down to the cheapest at $50, this was quite the juxtaposition.

As you can imagine there was quite the turn out (despite not a lot of press or advertising). Guests waited in line for around 30-60 minutes waiting to explore the 11th, 13th and cabana area of The Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. However, the hotel cocktails made wait time fly by...

The Penthouse

The fair started in the penthouse - ironically located on the 13th floor. It was "a proposition curated by Andrew Berardini, Presented by the Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art" - so a lot of French artists. The views were amazing.

Work by Thomas Mailaender

The 11th Floor

The 11th floor and the cabana area was where the majority of the galleries were located in various hotel rooms.

Josh Lilley Gallery - London

Josh Lilley's room (below) housed works by Tom Anholt, Ian Davis, Alake Shilling, and Peter Linde Busk.

Work by Ian Davis
Sculpture by Alake Shilling
Sculpture by Alake Shilling, works in the back by Tom Anholt on the left and Peter Linde Busk on the right

Marlborough Gallery - New York

A work by Greg Bogan spotted in the closet, among other things and a very entertaining 'blow-up' artwork by Antoine Catala.

Work by Antoine Catala
Busted (work by Greg Bogan on right) 

Jessica Silverman Gallery - San Francisco

Jessica Silverman completely stripped their room (which was rare) to show off paintings by Julian Hoeber and sculptures by Woody De Othello.

Paintings by Julian Hoeber and sculptures by Woody De Othello
Woody De Othello
Woody De Othello

Anton Kern Gallery - New York

Anton Kern used their dramatic lighting to highlight a number of works by Alessandro Pessoli and one large sculpture by Matthew Monahan.

Works in the back by Alessandro Pessoli and sculpture in the front by Matthew Monahan.
Alessandro Pessoli

My Ladies! Katherine Bradford and Katherine Bernhardt

I'm always, always, always excited to see work by the Katherine's Bradford and Bernhardt.

Katherine Bradford at CANADA's room
Katherine Bernhardt

CLEARING - New York, Brussels

Clearing had one of the best booth's (IMO) with works by Aaron Garber Maikovska and Calvin Marcus.

Aaron Garber Maikovska
Calvin Marcus

Morán Morán - Los Angeles

I absolutely love these works by Eve Fowler and sculpture by Nick van Woert. That's the best part of art fairs - getting to discover galleries in other locations with such strong programs.

Paintings by Eve Fowler and sculpture by Nick van Woert
Nick Van Woert

And most visually stimulating special project goes to Kim Macconnel. I especially loved the prayer hands on the carpet. #blessed.

Kim Macconnel
Kim Macconnel

Smart Objects - Los Angeles

I've been a fan of Smart Objects ever since I saw their booth at NADA Miami in December 2018. For Felix, they brought works by Justin John Greene and Derek Paul Jack Boyle.

Justin John Greene
Justin John Greene and Derek Paul Jack Boyle

The Pool Cabanas

The remaining part of the fair took place down next to the pool, in the rooms with cabanas.

Susanne Vielmetter - Los Angeles

Brought the party. Literally. With this funhouse created by Esther Pearl Watson.

Esther Pearl Watson
Esther Pearl Watson

Brennan & Griffin - New York

This Brooklyn gallery brought quite the assortment of works including standout pieces by Guy Goodwin and CATBOX contemporary.

Sculpture on far right by Guy Goodwin
CATBOX contemporary
CATBOX contemporary

Rachel Uffner - New York

The gallery that helped me discover Felix fair even existed, found the PERFECT place to exhibit their work by Rachel Granofsky. It was also exciting to see a Shara Hughes up close and personal.

Painting by Rachel Granofsky
Shara Hughes

Corbett vs. Dempsey - Chicago

I love Chicago galleries, and Corbett vs. Dempsey is no exception. They brought these gorgeous works by Gabrielle Garland. I even took a bathroom selfie with one #noshame.

Gabrielle Garland
Gabrielle Garland
Gabrielle Garland

Soft Opening - London

This is when you start to see my fatigue set in...but it's not because of the fair or quality of artworks..it's just my jet lag. 

Soft Opening brought a unique set of works, including a washing machine filled with what sounded like tennis shoes bouncing around. This work was done by @alixalwaysmoves (I couldn't actually find her name just her Instagram handle). The other is by Arielle Chiara.

Arielle Chiara

Fine Arts Sydney - Australia

This Australian gallery brought work by Simon Denny that spoke to my very core. Life was my favorite childhood game and I work in technology... so computer servers printed on the Life games basically represent me in a piece of art.

Simon Denny

Nicodim - Los Angeles

This gallery (which I was also new to) exhibited a nice assortment of paintings and sculptures by Simphiwe Ndzube, Cristian Raduta, Aaron Gilbert.

Simphiwe Ndzube
Cristian Raduta
Aaron Gilbert

Tanya Leighton Gallery - Berlin

One of my favorite works was by Math Bass in Tanya Leighton's room.

Math Bass

Stevenson - Cape Town

Best bathroom exhibit definitely went to Stevenson. They had a pretty great room as well.

Jack Hanley - New York

Having just seen Jack Hanley at Material Art Fair in Mexico City, I was interested to see what they'd bring to Felix and was not disappointed by the pottery by Roger Herman and paintings by Danielle Orchard.

pottery by Roger Herman, paintings by Danielle Orchard
Danielle Orchard

The night ended with lounging by the pool, marinating on all the amazing art I had seen. I'm sure I can speak for everyone when I say I hope Felix continues year after year.

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