November 17, 2020

Dani Leder at Downs and Ross Gallery

Leder’s cerebral approach to her art leaves the viewer pondering what makes humanity operate in the way that we do
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About the Exhibit - Sparks Joy

Dani Leder’s exhibit, Sparks Joy, is her first solo exhibit with Downs & Ross Gallery. The exhibit is on view from October 30th through December 5th. 

Dani Leder

There wasn’t a lot of back story offered up about the show, just a poem by Valerie Hsiung. I’m assuming by the title that ‘Sparks Joy’ is a reference to Marie Kondo’s philosophy of only having items in your life that ‘Spark Joy.’ 

Dani Leder
Dani Leder
Dani Leder

Another interesting reference throughout each of the works is a diagram illustrating pleasant and unpleasant cravings coming from the brain. Given that Leder has a Phd in psychology it’s not surprising her works seem to focus on creating a narrative around what’s happening inside the mind and not just a visual setting. 

I found a similar, more detailed diagram that describes how as humans we often celebrate and respond to trauma in very similar ways. Here’s an example, if you’re a drinker and you’ve had a rough day at work, what do you do, pour a glass of wine. If you’ve had a great day at work, say you’ve got promoted, you pour a glass of champagne. But regardless of if the triggering event was positive or negative, we respond in the same way. 

Dani Leder
Dani Leder
Dani Leder

Video of the Exhibit

To see a walkthrough of the exhibit, skip ahead to 1:07 in the video below.

About the Artists - Dani Leder 

Dani Leder

Dani Leder is a German artist who lives and works in New York. She received her MFA in painting from Bard College and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from NYU.

Dani Leder

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